Residential Wildlife Solutions in Ann Arbor

Skunk on Rocks OutsideCritter Control of Ann Arbor is proud to offer the best wildlife control services for the residents of Ann Arbor.

We get rid of animals in your home with professional wildlife trapping and removal, damage repairs, and prevention. If you suspect raccoons in your attic or bats in your chimney, our wildlife specialists will provide excellent service at an affordable price. Are you wondering how to remove unwanted animals from your home and make sure they don't return? Call us today and schedule your appointment. 734.333.7349

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The team at Critter Control of Ann Arbor are wildlife control experts. We are among the industry leaders in the wildlife service industry. Our approach is well-received by our customers and proven. We will work closely with you, the customer, to maintain an open flow of communication throughout the whole process.

The skilled wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Ann Arbor use humane wildlife control methods that will keep you and the wildlife safe. Each wildlife control situation is different, but we are proud to be knowledgeable on each particular species' behavior and any laws or regulations regarding the laws related to them. We are serious about wildlife removal. You can rest assured knowing your problem will be taken care of promptly and professionally.