Squirrels in Ann Arbor

There is a large population of squirrels living in Ann Arbor, the most prominent type being tree squirrels. Wild squirrels can cause structural and landscape damages, resulting in costly damages to homeowners. Squirrels will often target the attic, crawlspace, rooftop, and walls of a home. If you suspect frequent squirrel activity near your home, it is important to seek a professional early. Call us today or simply click HERE to book an inspection appointment with us. 

Squirrel removal in Ann ArborDealing with squirrels is no easy task. Not only can squirrels move fast, they can also climb, hop, and dig. You can easily hurt yourself during the process. But don't worry, Critter Control can help you get rid of your squirrel problems. As a full-service wildlife control company, our service offering includes:

  • wildlife trapping and removal
  • insulation restoration and installation
  • wildlife damage repair
  • wildlife management and prevention solution

Common Squirrel Problems

Squirrels can cause a series of problems inside and around your home: 

  • damage from chewing on furniture, roofs, walls, electrical wires, other structures, etc.
  • insulation damages and contamination
  • urine and excrement odor and stain
  • transmitting germs, diseases and other parasites
  • yard and other landscape damage

If you think you are experiencing a squirrel-related issue, and you are not sure as to what you should do, you should definitely give us a call. Critter Control of Ann Arbor has dealt with countless cases of squirrel problems with success. Our wildlife field technician is ready to fend off these stubborn squirrels. Call today or click HERE.



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