Bat Facts

  • Bat help Ann ArborBat behavior is beneficial to human existence. One large colony can eat up to 500,000 pounds of insects in one night.
  • Bats have a negative reputation for feeding on blood, but of over 2,000 species of bats, fewer than five actually do feed on animal blood.
  • Bats use echolocation frequencies to locate their prey: flying pest insects like beetles, moths, flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes.


  • Bats' wingspans measure between 9–15 inches
  • Their wings look like webbed human hands
  • Small legs
  • Sharp claws
  • Big ears
  • Light to dark brown fur

Where Do Bats Live?

  • Bats tend to gather in large groups, sometimes up to the millions.
  • They use their little claws to hang upside down, clinging to cave ceilings, infrastrucure, or trees while they sleep.
  • Bats will wake up from their roosting and fly into the darkness once the sun sets.
  • Flying over fields, deserts, and human property, bats hunt nightly for pest insects.
  • Because of their affinity for flying insects, bats' ideal roosting area is near bodies of water.

Bat Problems in ann arbor

  • Bats can create a number of problems for homeowners in Ann Arbor.
  • The amount of droppings they can accumulate create terrible odors and can pose a health threat for humans.

Bats in the House

  • Bats can wiggle their way their way into homes through holes as small as a dime (6mm).
  • Especially in the summer, bats (particularly bat pups) can get into homes accidentally by flying through open windows or doors.


  • Bat removal Ann ArborBat droppings, or guano, is considered in certain places to be a good fertilizer, but the generally held belief is that it is extremely hazardous to human health. The fungal spores it contains can cause the respiratory disease histoplasmosis.


Control and Safety

  • Despite their reputation for carrying rabies, less than half of one percent of bats actually carries the virus.
  • Nevertheless, bats should never be picked up or grabbed.
  • In order to keep colonies of the creatures from roosting in attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading inside homes.

Trapping and Removal

Since bats may carry disease, individuals should never approach them. Bats also bite and scratch when they feel threatened and can easily injure humans. Critter Control of Ann Arbor has extensive experience in handling bat problems and we know the best ways to get rid of bats in your home. Call the professionals for long term results in bat control!

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