Bats are at times portrayed as bloodsuckers, but in reality, fewer than five out of 2,000+ species actually do. These tiny mammals are well-known for eating significant amounts of insects (effectively keeping the insect population down!) and utilizing echolocation to find their prey.
Unfortunately, as helpful as they can be, bats sometimes make their way into your home, intentionally or accidentally, and cause issues. These mammals belong outside, not in your Ann Arbor home! If you are dealing with bat problems and require bat control, bat exclusion, and bat prevention services, call the professional bat removal company, Critter Control of Ann Arbor, today or contact us here!

Professional Bat Control

Bat control services in Ann ArborA major benefit of bat control for Ann Arbor homeowners is protection against the diseases they can transfer to humans and pets. Some common issues presented by bats include:

  • Bats can create a number of problems for homeowners in Ann Arbor.
  • The amount of droppings they can accumulate creates terrible odors and can pose a health threat to humans.
  • Bats can wiggle their way into homes through holes as small as a dime (6mm).
  • Especially in the summer, bats (especially baby bats) can get into homes accidentally by flying through open windows or doors.
  • Bat droppings, or guano, is considered in certain places to be effective fertilizer, but the generally held belief is that it is extremely hazardous to human health. The fungal spores it contains can cause a respiratory disease known as histoplasmosis.

Ann Arbor Bat Removal Services

Control and Safety

  • Although they are notorious for carrying rabies, less than 1/2% of bats actually carry the virus. Regardless, handling bats is not recommended without experience and protective equipment.
  • In order to keep colonies of bats out of your attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading inside homes.
  • Fast bat control is of the essence when you have bats in your home, so contact the professionals!

Bat Trapping and Removal

Since bats have the ability to carry diseases, homeowners should never approach them. Bats also bite and scratch when they feel threatened and can easily injure humans, so please do not attempt DIY bat removal to get rid of the bat. Critter Control of Ann Arbor is a professional bat removal company that has extensive experience in handling bat problems.

We know the best ways to get rid of bats in your home and the most effective bat exclusion services. Call our professional technicians for effective bat control and bat removal near you!

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