Wildlife Damage Solutions in Ann Arbor

Residential Wildlife Damage Control in Ann ArborCritter Control of Ann Arbor specializes in trapping and removing wildlife, repairing the damages they have created, and making sure they don't come back. Damage from wildlife animals can occur very quickly once they have entered your home. You may face additional problems if the damages are neglected.

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Residential Wildlife Damage

How bad your wildlife damage depends heavily on which animal was in your home and how long it remained there. Critter Control of Ann Arbor will inspect your home and create a plan to prevent further issues from happening.

Indoor Damage from Wildlife

Squirrels, raccoons, and mice are commonly found in Ann Arbor. The damage they can cause inside your home could become dangerous if not repaired. Here are a few potential wildlife damages commonly found inside the home:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Soiled insulation
  • Damaged air ducts

If you notice any of these problems inside your home, don't hesitate. Call Critter Control of Ann Arbor!

Animal Droppings

One of the telltale signs of wildlife damage for Ann Arbor residents is droppings left behind. Animal feces are not only gross, but they are dangerous. Animal droppings can carry diseases such as roundworm, salmonellosis, and more. It's common to find animal droppings in the attic, kitchen, and garage. 

Outdoor Wildlife Damage

Wildlife damages outside can be just as destructive as indoor damages. Moles, voles, raccoons and skunks can terrorize your yard and garden. The damage can be unsightly and often becomes costly to repair. Here are a few examples of wildlife damage you may find outside your home:

  • Aesthetic issues in your yard
  • Damage to gardens
  • Damage to the home's foundation

Damage from Squirrelssquirrel damage control in Ann Arbor

When squirrels make their way into your Ann Arbor home, they create a lot of damage. They will chew insulation, chew wiring, leave urine and droppings, and be an auditory nuisance. You can tell you have squirrels in your home because they are most active during the daytime hours. Scurrying, scratching, and rustling are all signs of squirrels. 

Damage from Moles

While moles don't often make their way inside the home, they create plenty of damage in your yard. They create tunnels in your grass and garden, which ruins all your hard work. 

Damage from Mice

Mice get into your walls and attic and create long-term damage. They reproduce quickly and the problem can get out of hand faster than you think. Like squirrels, they leave droppings in your walls, attic, insulation, and throughout the rest of your home. Stopping a mice infestation quickly is important to the health of you and your home. 

Common Home Repairs in Ann Arbor

After the wildlife is gone and we start to fix your home back up to normal, these are some common repairs you may need:

Insulation Restoration: Critters, especially rodents, love to chew insulation which can render it ineffective if not properly replaced. 

Caulking and Sealing: We will ensure that all holes and entry points in your home are sealed tight. This not only keeps critters out but lowers your energy usage!

Crawlspace Cleanup: After the animal is gone, there are likely leaves, dirt, and droppings left behind in your crawlspace. We will get the space cleaned and sanitized. 

Chimney Cap Repair: Because raccoons have great dexterity, they may have ripped your chimney cap on their way inside. We will be sure it is in top shape.

Gutter Cleaning: Clogged gutters not only allow moisture to build up around your roof and foundation, but they are a breeding ground for insects and rodents! We will ensure they are clean and critter free. 

Foundation Vents: If wildlife has damaged any vents or screens, we will be sure they are replaced to avoid future wildlife problems. 

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