Wildlife Damage Solutions in Ann Arbor

Residential Wildlife Damage Control in Ann ArborCritter Control of Ann Arbor specializes in trapping and removing wildlife, repairing the damages they have created, and making sure they don't come back. Damage from wildlife animals can occur very quickly once they have entered your home. You may face additional problems if the damages are neglected.

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Residential Wildlife Damage

How bad your wildlife damage is depends heavily on which animal was in your home and how long they remained there. Critter Control of Ann Arbor will inspect your home and create a plan to prevent further issues from happening.

Indoor Damage from Wildlife

Squirrels, raccoons, and mice are commonly found in Ann Arbor. The damage they can cause inside your home could become dangerous if not repaired. Here are a few potential wildlife damages commonly found inside the home:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Soiled insulation
  • Damaged air ducts

If you notice any of these problems inside your home, don't hesitate. Call Critter Control of Ann Arbor!

Outdoor Wildlife Damage

Wildlife damages outside can be just as destructive as indoor damages. Moles, voles, raccoons and skunks can terrorize your yard and garden. The damage can be unsightly and often becomes costly to repair. Here are a few examples of wildlife damage you may find outside your home:

  • Aesthetic issues in your yard
  • Damage to gardens
  • Damage to the home's foundation

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