Ann Arbor Attic, Soffit, & Louver Vent Screen Guards

The inside of your home is only as secure as the outside when it comes to wildlife critters finding their way in. Clever critters like raccoons, squirrels, bats and mice all make use of compromised roofs to gain entry into your Ann Arbor home.

Whether it's attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures, or soffit vent repairs, our skilled technicians have the expertise needed to solve your critter problems quickly and professionally. Let us do the work for you; do not hesitate to contact Critter Control of Ann Arbor today! 734.333.7349

Why are vent screen guards important?

Especially as the Michigan winter rolls in, wildlife is going to start looking for a warm place to spend the snowy months. Your vents offer the perfect way for them to enter your home. Even if you think your vents are sealed, you'll want to check again.  Animals like mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime. It doesn't take more than a damaged vent flap for them to wiggle their way inside! 

Wildlife in your Ann Arbor home can damage your attic, leave droppings around your favorite belongings, and spread diseases. Vent screen guards can prevent problems before they start. 

Call Critter Control of Ann Arbor today to ensure your home is sealed tight from wildlife in your neighborhood! 734.333.7349

Installing Screen on Attic in Ann Arbor