Crawlspace Clean-Up in Ann Arbor

The nuisance wildlife animal is gone — now what? There may be damage to your pipes or insulation that can lead to odors, water leaks, or loss of energy. Critter Control of Ann Arbor can provide crawlspace clean-up services to identify, remove and repair any wildlife messes or damage left behind.

Insulation Damage

Crawlspace Restoration in Ann Arbor, MichiganCritters can get into the insulation in your crawlspace, damaging it so much that it’s no longer effective. Animals like mice and squirrels will wiggle into the insulation, leaving droppings that make the insulation a health hazard. They also like to make their beds out of the insulation by ripping it apart.

An expert from Critter Control of Ann Arbor can come and evaluate the insulation in your crawlspace to ensure it is properly insulating your Ann Arbor home.

A Cozy Critter Home

Animals like raccoons love to use your Ann Arbor crawlspace to have their babies. It is safe and out of the elements, making it the perfect home.

We can remove any wildlife living in your crawlspace and install barriers to prevent future invasions. We can install foundation vent screens to keep animals from moving to your crawlspace in the future.

Mice in the Crawlspace

Mice can make their way into your home through a hole the size of a dime. Tiny holes in the siding, space between your brick, or damaged crawlspace vents make for easy entry points for mice in the crawlspace.

Mice are attracted to your crawlspace because it’s a cozy and safe space for them to live, especially in the colder months. As the mating season comes around, mice will also use your crawlspace as the perfect spot for their nest.

When rodents are in the crawlspace, they leave behind droppings that can accumulate if not cleaned. These piles of droppings can spread diseases. You may also have dead mice in the crawlspace which spread diseases as well.

Another problem that mice in the crawlspace cause is that they love to chew! They will chew your insulation to make their beds which makes it ineffective. They will also chew the wires in your home which causes them to fray and become a fire hazard.

If you suspect mice in the crawlspace, the problem can escalate faster than you think. Give our team a call today to make a plan for mouse removal.

Squirrels in the Crawlspace

While it’s not common for squirrels to nest in the crawlspace, they will certainly use it to store their seeds and nuts for the winter.

Any cracks around your crawlspace vents and or foundation may allow for squirrels to get in your home. Squirrels can carry fleas and ticks, as well as diseases like tularemia.

Like mice, squirrels have a habit of chewing. They may chew the wood or wires in your crawlspace, causing structural damage to your home and making for a fire hazard. It’s also common for squirrels to shred your insulation to use for their bedding.

Coming face to face with squirrels in the crawlspace is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted without professional help. Our team at Critter Control of Ann Arbor know what traps are best for each unique situation and how to remove the squirrels safely and humanely. Give us a call for a free phone estimate. 734.449.5858

Raccoons in the Crawlspace

Raccoons are dangerous to your crawlspace because they will make their den and leave behind disease-spreading droppings. Raccoons need more room to get inside your crawlspace, so as long as any open areas are screened off, you shouldn’t have an issue with raccoons in the crawlspace.

If raccoons have inhabited your crawlspace, you need to be mindful that their dropping are likely carrying diseases like roundworm. To properly remove raccoons in the house, professional-grade disinfecting methods are required.

If you have raccoons in your crawlspace or anywhere else in the house, professional removal is important. Give our office a call today for a phone estimate.

Pipe Damage

Some animals like rats and mice will use their sharp teeth to damage your pipes. This can be detrimental to your home as water leaks can create a lot of damage quickly. Wildlife can chew through more than you think. If you suspect you have critters in your Ann Arbor crawlspace, contact us today.

Energy Efficiency

Damage to your crawlspace in your Ann Arbor home can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Michigan winters are long and cold, and your heating bill may be negatively impacted if critters have damaged the insulation in your crawlspace.

Call Critter Control of Ann Arbor today for more information on solving your animal-related problems and damage. 734.449.5858