Chipmunks in Ann Arbor

These speedy little rodents are often seen darting across yards and stealing songbird food from Ann Arbor properties. Despite their stature, they can actually be responsible for big destruction. If you are in need of Ann Arbor chipmunk removal in Livingston, Washtenaw, or Oakland counties, call our office today or fill out our contact form!

Chipmunk control in Ann ArborChipmunks, like many rodents, can go from a mild nuisance to a big problem rather quickly. These critters will go wherever they can find shelter and sustenance, and often this is near human-inhabited areas.

  • These creatures are small and climb trees and fences (and other structures), causing a nuisance to homeowners.
  • Chipmunks are known to eat both meat and vegetation, of which the pursuit of the latter can cause property damage.
  • Chipmunk burrows are usually situated near small shrubs or manmade structures, which provide exceptional cover.

Ann Arbor Chipmunk Problems

Chipmunks occasionally get inside homes, but most of their damage is outside. Some common chipmunk damage includes:

  • Chipmunks are considered a nuisance because they eat flower bulbs, dig for seeds, and consume various vegetables found on lawns and in gardens.
  • Chipmunks can damage buildings with their sheer number and destructive burrowing habits.
  • The rodents are also known to steal bird eggs, which can negatively impact local bird populations.

Chipmunk Control

  • Homeowners can attempt to install fences, but chipmunks are skilled and clever climbers and burrowers, so it's difficult to keep them out using this method alone. Several methods, like chipmunk trapping, habitat modification and additional forms of chipmunk prevention may be necessary for
  • To reduce the possibility of chipmunk infestations, individuals should attempt to remove their favorite food sources from the immediate area, such as the seeds found in birdfeeders.
  • However, chipmunks are clever which makes eradicating all sources of sustenance difficult.

When basic deterrents and exclusion methods fail, Critter Control can step in to save the day. Call as soon as you notice a chipmunk infestation so we can catch the problem before it escalates. Trust our trained technicians to eradicate the pests as swiftly and humanely as possible. We can help you figure out the best way to get rid of chipmunk problems. Call today!

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