What Parts of my Attic Need to be Cleaned or Replaced?

Has your attic been overtaken by unwelcome bats, mice, raccoons or squirrels? Getting rid of the animal itself is just part of the solution. Lots of other issues still remain that need to be addressed, such as the droppings and urine left in your attic’s insulation, nesting materials like twigs and foodstuff that has been brought in by the critter, the odor caused by the critter, potential mold growth, and secondary parasites brought in by the critter’s presence.

Did you know that critters can smell when others have been in a certain place? That’s right—you could be unwittingly inviting more critters in if you don’t properly clean your attic after you’ve had wildlife visitors. Luckily, we can help.

What Will Critter Control of Ann Arbor Do To Clean my Attic?

Critter Control of Ann Arbor has all of the necessary equipment to remove any and all damage that has occurred to your insulation. We will also replace it with new insulation that is up to code. 

  • The first step, after ensuring that all wildlife (including babies) has been removed, is to get rid of the droppings. We do not recommend using a household vacuum to do this—some DIY processes like this are better left to professionals. Our special vacuums will make sure we are minimizing the amount of spores released into the area. If the animal droppings are large enough (like those of a raccoon), we will remove them by hand.
  • Next is to clean anything leftover, which includes neutralizing the pheromones of the animals so no new animals will be drawn to the space.
  • After everything has been cleaned and sanitized, it is finally time to replace the attic insulation. As a full-service attic restoration company, we can help you remove, clean, and replace your attic’s insulation all in one step—many of our competitors only offer one of these two steps.

The technicians of Critter Control of Ann Arbor also have the ability to quote projects for most major insurance companies in order to get your home back in order. By saving energy, a correctly insulated attic could pay for itself in no time. Also, be sure to ask about any available energy tax credits. 

Between asbestos, animal damage, and diseases from droppings, it's best to leave the repairs to the trained professionals. 

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Critter Control of Ann Arbor technician vacuuming animal feces out of attic insulation