Critter Control of Ann Arbor is your local residential wildlife control service. Squirrels or bats in the attic or mice in the walls could potentially cause extensive damage. Call today for wildlife trapping, repairs, and prevention. Our professional technicians will deal with your wildlife problem quickly! 734.333.7349

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Wildlife Problems in Ann Arbor

Squirrel control services Ann ArborFinding out you have a wildlife problem in your home can be incredibly overwhelming, dangerous, and time-consuming. Dealing with it on your own can be harmful and destructive so contact Critter Control of Ann Arbor. We can help get rid of the wildlife issue in your Ann Arbor home.

We will take care of any residential wildlife problems, including:

  • Animals in the attic
  • Scratching in the walls
  • Squirrels in the home
  • Bat problems
  • Raccoon infestations

Professional Services

Critter Control of Ann Arbor is an industry leader when it comes to professional and effective wildlife removal services. We will remove the wildlife animals in your home quickly and safely. Our team specializes in squirrel trapping, removing raccoons, mouse-proofing, and more. No matter the size of your wildlife issue, don't hesitate to give us a call for any wildlife control problem you may be facing.

Ann Arbor residential wildlife problems will often lead to floor damage, ceiling damage, and damage to walls, basements, attics, and more. The professional team at Critter Control of Ann Arbor knows how to handle these repairs so you don't have to. Critter Control of Ann Arbor provides service to the surrounding area, including Brighton, South Lyon, and Livingston. Call today!