Critter Control of Ann Abor is the professional wildlife control company to call for your wildlife control problems. We service Ann Arbor and the surrounding area including Livingston, Washtenaw, Jackson, and Southwest Oakland counties. Our wildlife control services solve even your toughest wildlife control problems.

Ann Arbor Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Ann Arbor offers a variety of services to handle all of your wildlife control needs. Our professional wildlife control technicians are experienced in residential wildlife control and commercial wildlife control. If you are facing a wildlife control problem in Ann Arbor, give us a call! Our full-service wildlife control is long-term, safe, and efficient. Trust the wildlife control professional at Ann Arbor Critter Control!

Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife RemovalWildlife Removal Technician in Ann Arbor, MI

The team of professionals at Critter Control of Ann Arbor will start the wildlife control process with removal. Trapping and removal of wildlife animals may be dangerous and should be handled by experienced wildlife technicians! We install humane traps to catch the wildlife animals in your home and only move into the next step of control once all the animals are secured and removed.

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife animals in the home will create extensive damage in a short amount of time. Once the problem animal has been removed, Critter Control of Ann Arbor will repair damages done and clean up any mess, odor, and droppings left behind. We handle your wildlife control problem from start to finish!

Wildlife Prevention

Are you looking to keep wildlife out of your home for good? Critter Control of Ann Arbor's wildlife control solutions are long-term and effective! We will install professional materials that keep wildlife out of your home for seasons to come. Keep the wildlife out with Critter Control of Ann Arbor!

Signs of Infestation

Wildlife animals are generally heard in your home before they are spotted. Noises like scampering in the attic, scratching in the walls, and chirping in the chimney are signs of a wildlife infestation. Hearing noises like this? Call Critter Control of Ann Arbor today! We can help the wildlife control problem before wildlife damages advance.

Critter Control of Ann Arbor Service Area

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